Why we need Twitter to survive

I hate bullies and bullying. I despise taking pleasure from others’ misfortune, which is why I have moved from sadness to anger about some of the headlines around Twitter. Do we really want to see Twitter die?

I find it incredibly ironic how businesses whose flawed and outdated business models force them to spew out such ridiculous link bait articles (and I do use the term ‘articles’ loosely) such as ‘Twitter is down for some people’ and lauding the decline of something that has been so critical to our evolution as a society.

Why do I say that? In my 11 years working in social, whenever I’ve been in doubt about a campaign approach or a piece of messaging, I always ask myself ‘how would I introduce myself or this ‘thing’ to a physical room full of real strangers?’ It’s a stark but useful sense check of what I would have to say to not be rejected or ridiculed face to face. Continue reading “Why we need Twitter to survive”

Timing is everything

Sometimes the timing is just not right. Sometimes you feel like someone else has found what you knew to be your winning lottery ticket! Wrapify are my lost lottery ticket!

Whilst it’s kinda gut-wrenching to see an old idea come to fruition (let me be clear, I lay no claim to anything Wrapify are doing), it’s actually quite comforting to see that the market conditions for this type of initiative are right. Continue reading “Timing is everything”