Back in the Saddle

So my blogging story started way back in 2005 where I began using the blog to publicly explore ‘new media’ or what we might now call ‘social media’. 

Since then I’ve been on quite the diverse professional journey culminating in my current role at Microsoft. In this time I’ve found it increasingly challenging to find the time to write down a lot of what I originally set my blog out to do – explore and crystallise my thinking about the evolution and integration of the disciplines of digital, social, media, pr and advertising.

Now whilst the world really doesn’t need another marketing blogger, I do think that my role exposes me to a whole raft of innovative thinking and work that others would find interesting to hear. I can’t promise there won’t be any cycling content every now and then but hopefully the majority will be some handy observations about marketing you may actually find useful.

So, whilst I’m a carpe diem kinda person, the turn of the year seemed a good time to start – so here goes…hope you’ll find it useful!

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