Timing is everything

Sometimes the timing is just not right. Sometimes you feel like someone else has found what you knew to be your winning lottery ticket! Wrapify are my lost lottery ticket!

Whilst it’s kinda gut-wrenching to see an old idea come to fruition (let me be clear, I lay no claim to anything Wrapify are doing), it’s actually quite comforting to see that the market conditions for this type of initiative are right.

Back in 2005 when I first came up with the exact same idea (I incorporated and even had a cute logo and business cards!!), there was nothing like the technology around like there is today. Fleet management ‘little black boxes’ were only becoming affordable, mobile ad viewing or OTS measures seem draconian compared to what’s around today, and wrapping was actually quite an expensive, relatively rare thing. So after having been laughed at by TWO media agencies and with no real experience of how to take it to market, I packed the idea in and gave up on it.

And look now – apps provide the telemetry, black boxes (if ever required at all now) are omnipresent as the insurance companies try to make us safer, location data is everywhere, social networks provide multiple ways of not only sharing your drive but of bringing advertisers and drivers together.

What seeing this HAS done though, is made me realise is:

  • sometimes, your gut feeling is the right feeling
  • you need people around you to challenge and support you but also
  • resilience and thick skin can’t be acquired but earned
  • entrepreneurs are a special breed!

I’m absolutely thrilled to see this come to market – it’s a stark realisation though that in 2016, technology is NO barrier to seizing your opportunity.

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