Twitter finally begins to take ownership of ‘Live’

It’s easy to hate on Twitter (as I’ve often said before), but I think the recent NFL and Twitter deal is a massive opportunity for the platform and hopefully the start of things to come for the platform. But also, open up new dialogues with content/IP partners and subsequently brands.

Twitter seemed to have run out of steam with the ‘live’ thing. No live events = no live and meaningful activity on Twitter. And unstructured to say the least. That said, there was a sound logic to providing an independent platform on which ‘live’ could be discussed by anyone.

For production companies/rights owners, a structured partnership like this with the platform that people are already discussing their show or IP on, opens up not only new distribution revenues, but also potentially more custom-partnerships and creative opportunities for all parties involved = more value (and likely users and ad revenue).

This first deal (if indeed only going for $10m) is a snip, but must be followed by a series of other content deals to signal to investors and brands that there is now a strategy and structure to the way Twitter is going to own ‘live’ rather than merely provide a platform for it.

I, for one, am very hopeful that this makes a huge difference to Twitter – whatever you think about it, the way it has been managed and its numbers, its omnipresent and not going anywhere soon.

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