The first Influencer acquihire: beware the consequences

The acquisition of Beme by CNN, the company owned by mega influencer Casey Neistat is a fascinating evolution for both CNN AND Neistat. As someone who ploughs a small fortune into people like Neistat, I can’t help feeling that the space is massively overpopulated, frequently overpriced itself (and under-delivers), lacks accountability and is ripe for change. Mass or mainstream broadcast may be the tip of the iceberg (although this exit may just add further fuel to the fire!)

Casey Neistat – Influencer

The smartest part of this move is that Neistat is going to be allowed to create a new format of content but with CNN the beneficiary, not solely the vlogger, with the obvious hope being that he’ll bring his audience with him.

This space is rife for an upheaval though – for too long, too many agencies and brands have paid these people too much money for so little accountability and with every vlogger now thinking Casey’s exit is something they can achieve, the need for accountability and measurement standards is paramount.

I’ll personally miss Casey’s content and would watch him wherever he broadcasts, which is why the move is such a smart one for CNN.

For everyone else, stop paying the ‘influencer ransom’ and get smart with who you’re working with!

I intend over the coming weeks, to share some of my thinking on this space. In 2015, I took the decision to move the entirety of Skype’s social media marketing activity over to influencer activity and we’ve gone from strength to strength – so it may help to navigate through the minefield a wee bit!

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