Hey, I’m Paul. I currently work in marcomms at Microsoft having previously managed social for Skype, Outlook, Office and more.

I’ve come to realize that with nearly 20 year’s experience in digital, 15 of which have been in social, there may be a thing or two I can share to help others and still learn.

Writing to learn

Writing to learn


Over the years, I’ve became incredibly cynical about why people continue to blog. Despite having begun around 2005, it always felt so self-serving and ego-driven which is why it feels kind of weird continue to be jumping back on.

But chatting with a friend a couple of weeks ago though, we got talking about career legacy. What do we still have to achieve and what do we want to leave behind? While I’m far from done, and equally far from retiring, it really did give me food for thought. With digital moving at such a fast pace, and there still being no shortage of snake-oil salespeople, I came to realize that like many of my peers, there’s probably a ton of experiences and learnings that might be useful to others.

I’ve always carried with me, the wise words of Wadds who said years ago that he continues to write as a way of learning, thinking out loud and helping others (in many forms). I can only hope for this new platform to be equally valuable. That is a mean feat!

So, while I figure a few things out, I hope that over time, I’ll be able to share some valuable thoughts and insights, entirely devoid of ego.