The neuroscience of Storytelling

Working in social media since 2005, I’ve long tried to understand the human motivations behind why and how we share what we do, the end goal being for me to better understand how our own work can be more impactful when storytelling.

But it was only when I was fortunate enough to hear Beau Lotto of UCL speak at the Future of Storytelling Summit in New York this Fall did I come to understand that much of the basis for our social behaviors are genetic and grounded in our past experiences. Understanding the science behind this should be a huge advantage in understanding how we work more effectively and how people then react to our work. So I’ve attempted to distil down a fascinating subject into a few key points from which we might all learn something as we build more impactful work. I may well have utterly bastardized Lotto’s work, but I hope I have done it some justice! Continue reading “The neuroscience of Storytelling”